The Word Called Love


As a Friend

There is a problem I guess

which is creating this mess.

I am just trying to be a good friend

who will stand with you holding your hand.

I have never asked you for anything

then why do you have this feeling?

I thought I was helping you feel good

but never knew I was also giving you bad mood.

I disturb you so much, just to check

that the smileys you make aren’t fake.

I want to turn things around in your favor

but I guess I am not that clever.

I know you are a strong girl

who can stand any furious whirl.

I am sure you will find a way out

and then whenever, my name, you shout

I will be there as a friend,

to enjoy the victory in the end

but I want to be with you not only when time is good

but also when you need to brighten your mood.

I thought I was helping,

never knew I was actually irritating.

I feel sorry for the impression I created

and my care was wrongly interpreted.

I would never want to be the reason of your pain

and promise, from me only smile you will gain.

I know you are fighting hard

but in case you need a guard,

I will be there,

As a friend to offer advice or care.

Hence I write!

They say why you write?

Isn’t everything alright?

Are you always this sad

and whine about what you could’ve had?

To this I would say

writing poems is a way

to express and clear my mind

and just remember sometimes what I left behind.

My friends who are close,

knows that I never disclose

if I am feeling bad

because I don’t like to look sad.


That’s why I write

to make my mood alright.

I write to express what I feel

and sometimes to heal.

I write because it is easy

and a way which is classy.

I write to let know my friends

what I couldn’t directly explain.

I write because I don’t talk much

and poems have a magical touch

which makes my day bright.

Hence I write!

I am Sorry

There are times when

you try what you can,

to take the words back

which might have created a crack.

But what once said,

no matter how bad,

can’t be erased.

Although you know that you have created a mess

all you can do is feel sorry

and want it to bury.

It was not intentional I know

but a momentarily false anger that echo.

I just want you to forgive me happily

Because I am sorry really.

Stop being sad

A confused mind I have right now

still trying to figure out things somehow.

Where is that spark lost,

which I used to host?

Something is troubling me

which I cannot see.

In the deep down there is some fear

which I don’t want to bear.

May be letting go of some things would help

and my thoughts will feel this gap.

But no more of this trouble

I will blew away this tension bubble.

Just need to clear my head

And stop being sad.

Because there are more smiles I had

then the tears shed

You Matter

Some people don’t care

but some are always there

Some people give you pain

but some are there whom with you go insane.

Some people may give you reasons to weep

but some will help you sleep.

Some will make your mood bad

but some are there who can’t see you sad.

Some claims to be your best friend

But only some will be there till the end

You have all the reasons to be happy each day

Because you really matter for some in every way

The Last Message

Everything was going fine

until I decided to cross the line.

I don’t know why

but I had the urge I couldn’t deny.

After some undesired motivation

I sat to type a message but with caution.

I was sitting there just staring the screen

thinking of a good message which will describe the whole scene.

I started typing at last,

feeling my heart beating too fast.

After finishing it I read it several times,

with all those memories flashing before my eyes

I just wanted you to know how I felt

and hoped that your heart will melt

I never said all this before

because I was not this sure

There was a dilemma in my mind

and an unknown fear which I declined

I clicked the send button intentionally

but then I was numb momentarily.

I hoped this won’t do any damage

But this turned out to be The Last Message

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