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Making Sense of World

Chaos it seems everywhere,

no idea if world is still fair.

Things seems to be out of control,

trying to stick myself to some goal.

Want to escape somewhere far

where I can peacefully gaze at that pole star.

May be this time is making me stronger,

but I don’t know if I can hold on any longer.

May be this time will pass and peace will be found

but I don’t know if I can stand this shaking ground.

May be it is all in my head which needs a break

but I can’t spare time to go to that lovely lake.

Ahh! So much going around me,

very few things clearly I can see.

I guess it is best to let everything go

and just move with the flow.

For faith I have that it’ll be okay

and I will be happy again like that beautiful day.


A Vivid Observer!

It is witness of lots of fights,

lot of romance also it has seen.

It has been there for countless nights,

never judging people even if they are mean.


It offers kids tired from play a place to rest,

and some time offer adults some time alone

to think about what is best

but still no one will care if it is gone.


For few it has a memorable place.

On it some had their first kiss,

and some spent their heartbroken days,

while older remembers the past bliss.


Contemplating when no one is around

lying there in the night when it is dark.

May be trying to be free from the bound

The Bench in the Park!

Valentine always

A day to pause and look

at the pages filled of our love book.

First time I understood what is valentine,

a chance to show that you are mine.

Your surprises sure gave me happiness .

It’s true, love makes you fearless.

This FEEL words cant explain

from love, you only gain.

Wishing you with all my heart happy valentine

I have finally found the love of mine.

There are so many things to say

maybe not everything is meant for today.

I hope for smiles in beautiful memories,

both of us becoming better and better without any worries.

I want you to be my valentine always

all my words are true which my poem conveys.

Happy New Year!

A great year is over now

memories it gave beautifully wow.

Let’s remember happy moments

and the lessons from the bad instants.

Coming year is going to be awesome I can say

I will be there with you all the way.

I don’t want to be a burden

but a special friend like none.

The last month might not be the best

but I would say it was a test.

Many things we learned from it,

to early it will be to quit.

Just hold on for me

we both are learning you see.

2014 is going to be a memorable one

many victories waiting to be won.

Just be there holding my hand

and together we will make the coming year grand

I wish you with all my heart

a very happy new year in advance

For granted

Why do I think so much

and reach no conclusion as such?

It only adds more pain

and I don’t have anything to gain.

Sleep I use as an escape from worries

and this time quickly flees.

I wish I could care less

and save myself from all this mess.

But again I don’t care for everyone

just few under this sun.

Yet sometimes I think they take me for granted

and feel at times like I am unwanted.

May be I am just overthinking

but I am fed up of all this sinking.

Time for some changes to be again happy

because no more I want to feel so crappy.



You say I am free,

do I have nothing work to see?

I never say no to you,

is it because I have nothing else to do?

Well it’s all about priorities I would say

And how much we are willing to pay.

Because the time I spent with you

is worth letting my work to be due.

It is not that I am available for everyone

but you are among those very few under this sun.

And there is going to be work load always,

but I will make time for you even on weekdays. 🙂


As a Friend

There is a problem I guess

which is creating this mess.

I am just trying to be a good friend

who will stand with you holding your hand.

I have never asked you for anything

then why do you have this feeling?

I thought I was helping you feel good

but never knew I was also giving you bad mood.

I disturb you so much, just to check

that the smileys you make aren’t fake.

I want to turn things around in your favor

but I guess I am not that clever.

I know you are a strong girl

who can stand any furious whirl.

I am sure you will find a way out

and then whenever, my name, you shout

I will be there as a friend,

to enjoy the victory in the end

but I want to be with you not only when time is good

but also when you need to brighten your mood.

I thought I was helping,

never knew I was actually irritating.

I feel sorry for the impression I created

and my care was wrongly interpreted.

I would never want to be the reason of your pain

and promise, from me only smile you will gain.

I know you are fighting hard

but in case you need a guard,

I will be there,

As a friend to offer advice or care.

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