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Making Sense of World

Chaos it seems everywhere,

no idea if world is still fair.

Things seems to be out of control,

trying to stick myself to some goal.

Want to escape somewhere far

where I can peacefully gaze at that pole star.

May be this time is making me stronger,

but I don’t know if I can hold on any longer.

May be this time will pass and peace will be found

but I don’t know if I can stand this shaking ground.

May be it is all in my head which needs a break

but I can’t spare time to go to that lovely lake.

Ahh! So much going around me,

very few things clearly I can see.

I guess it is best to let everything go

and just move with the flow.

For faith I have that it’ll be okay

and I will be happy again like that beautiful day.


A Vivid Observer!

It is witness of lots of fights,

lot of romance also it has seen.

It has been there for countless nights,

never judging people even if they are mean.


It offers kids tired from play a place to rest,

and some time offer adults some time alone

to think about what is best

but still no one will care if it is gone.


For few it has a memorable place.

On it some had their first kiss,

and some spent their heartbroken days,

while older remembers the past bliss.


Contemplating when no one is around

lying there in the night when it is dark.

May be trying to be free from the bound

The Bench in the Park!

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