Monthly Archives: September 2013

For granted

Why do I think so much

and reach no conclusion as such?

It only adds more pain

and I don’t have anything to gain.

Sleep I use as an escape from worries

and this time quickly flees.

I wish I could care less

and save myself from all this mess.

But again I don’t care for everyone

just few under this sun.

Yet sometimes I think they take me for granted

and feel at times like I am unwanted.

May be I am just overthinking

but I am fed up of all this sinking.

Time for some changes to be again happy

because no more I want to feel so crappy.




You say I am free,

do I have nothing work to see?

I never say no to you,

is it because I have nothing else to do?

Well it’s all about priorities I would say

And how much we are willing to pay.

Because the time I spent with you

is worth letting my work to be due.

It is not that I am available for everyone

but you are among those very few under this sun.

And there is going to be work load always,

but I will make time for you even on weekdays. 🙂


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