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The Word Called Love


As a Friend

There is a problem I guess

which is creating this mess.

I am just trying to be a good friend

who will stand with you holding your hand.

I have never asked you for anything

then why do you have this feeling?

I thought I was helping you feel good

but never knew I was also giving you bad mood.

I disturb you so much, just to check

that the smileys you make aren’t fake.

I want to turn things around in your favor

but I guess I am not that clever.

I know you are a strong girl

who can stand any furious whirl.

I am sure you will find a way out

and then whenever, my name, you shout

I will be there as a friend,

to enjoy the victory in the end

but I want to be with you not only when time is good

but also when you need to brighten your mood.

I thought I was helping,

never knew I was actually irritating.

I feel sorry for the impression I created

and my care was wrongly interpreted.

I would never want to be the reason of your pain

and promise, from me only smile you will gain.

I know you are fighting hard

but in case you need a guard,

I will be there,

As a friend to offer advice or care.

Hence I write!

They say why you write?

Isn’t everything alright?

Are you always this sad

and whine about what you could’ve had?

To this I would say

writing poems is a way

to express and clear my mind

and just remember sometimes what I left behind.

My friends who are close,

knows that I never disclose

if I am feeling bad

because I don’t like to look sad.


That’s why I write

to make my mood alright.

I write to express what I feel

and sometimes to heal.

I write because it is easy

and a way which is classy.

I write to let know my friends

what I couldn’t directly explain.

I write because I don’t talk much

and poems have a magical touch

which makes my day bright.

Hence I write!

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