A long night

The night was growing darker

And I sent my good night message to her.

Hoping for her reply’s beep,

I was drifting to sleep.

Waiting and waiting for her reply

I was lying on bed with my cell nearby.

Wondering what is taking her so long

or have I done something wrong.

I said to myself this is just my imagination

she must be off to her dream vacation.

But there was something in my head,

because of which I was awake.

What if she was not hitting me just playfully last day?

But trying to relieve herself of the anger that way.

Aah! I am overreacting now

She must be asleep by now.

Or my message may not be delivered

or may be some other technical error occurred.

After convincing myself I switched off the light

But I knew it is going to be a long long night.

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