Perks of Being SUPERMAN!

Almighty Superman!

Almighty Superman! Image taken from ”

This post is inspired by the movie ‘Man of Steel’ which shows what it is like to be an alien superhero who has to fight people of his own race to save Earth. I found the following things to be a little too convenient –

1. Gravity works as you want it to:
You can walk or run normally like humans, fly like jets, remain Stable in air like kites and go out in outer space to watch stars. This means that gravity is not a constant number (which we believe to be 9.98 m/s^2), it changes according to your gestures.

2. No need to wash your superhero Suit:
In the whole movie, let it be crashing through buildings, hills, vehicles or crashing into fields, there was not an instance when the cape of glory got stained by dust.
So you get a suit which is waterproof, tear-proof, bulletproof and even dust-proof. A lot of money and labor is saved because of this “everything – proof” suit.

3. If you need to Shave, wear the suit.
The mechanism is ambiguous but it is true. In the movie when Kent aka Kal-El discovers the suit in a spaceship, he had a beard but as soon as he comes out of the ship wearing that stunning costume he was clean shaven. And in the whole movie he never has a beard again. So to have a beard like Tony Stark he needs to go on a vacation without wearing the suit ( Oh! Then who will fight the evil Kryptonians)

4. You are no alien my friend.
You are just from another planet where the population speaks ENGLISH and looks exactly like Humans. The only difference is your race has more awesome technology than ours and yes, you get your Powers because of the Earth’s sun or atmosphere whatever it is (I didn’t get it actually). Since we are basically the same apart from power, intelligence, morals etc you can’t be an alien.

5. You can destroy public property, private property or whatever is on this goddamn Earth.
Because no matter what you are still saving us from people of your planet who want to kill us. And since there are no people in the buildings its OK to destroy them (because everyone is outside watching you fight).

6. You have laser rays, x-rays and zoom function in your eyes.
No need of Gas you can cook food using laser rays only. You can directly say no to the Washing powder salesmen without opening the door because you can look through.

There are obviously many more perks but I am so awestruck that I can’t think of any other benefits right now…


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