A girl with the purple file and a Beautiful smile

I first saw you in the junior class
Through the blue tinted window glass
I got a momentary chill
Never thought I would have to climb the hill
Just to know your name
I gave a reason so lame
Each time we hit the eyes
I had some butterflies
We talked for first time over a purple file
And I saw you smile
A guy for you, I wanted to be
But I was doubtful if you even noticed me
Then came the day
When we parted our way
Batches were changed
I wanted a magic wand
To make everything alright
And make the sun shine bright
Never thought I won’t see you again
All the waiting would be in vain
But the things are different now
Life teaches you to move on somehow
Today I saw a purple file
and caught myself with a smile
I hope you are living awesome
And life greets you good morning every day with a blossom 🙂 🙂

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