Be the Change…

Be the Change

PS : I made this using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop


The quote above is by Mahatma Gandhi. A man who needs no introduction. But what is so special about this quote? It is quite apt in today’s India. It basically means change starts with you or the revolution begins with you.

We have this habit of complaining about things which we don’t like but knowingly or unknowingly we ourselves are a cause of them.For example we complain about the dirty streets and government not doing proper job in cleaning them but do we think before creating the mess at the first place, we think our single chocolate wrapper won’t make a big difference. We complain a lot about corruption but never hesitate in giving Rs 50 or Rs 100 as bribe to traffic policeman to escape much more heavy fine.

These small deeds by single individuals creates a bad impact on the whole society.So if we want to change our country as a we have to do some small changes in our habits.

Let’s make the World a better place!



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